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The harmonious meeting of science and the body to restore health.

 In a world where our physical well-being is often put to the test, physiotherapy presents itself as a tailored response aimed at restoring and maintaining bodily health. The practice is based on a solid scientific foundation, using in-depth knowledge to understand, diagnose and treat a variety of physical ailments.

Physiotherapy recognizes the body's innate ability to repair and adapt, especially when supported by interventions based on clinical research. It aims not only to alleviate pain, but also to optimize bodily functionality, thereby enhancing each individual's potential.

Whether you're in rehabilitation, prevention or simply looking to improve your physical condition, physiotherapy is a solution. Here, we focus on integrating scientific research and clinical practice to better meet your needs. Welcome to this site dedicated to physiotherapy, where science meets well-being.

Physiotherapy in Lausanne

For each Pathology, Specific Care for Ideal Rehabilitation

The spectrum of pathologies encountered in clinical practice is vast. Given this diversity, it's important to adopt a specialized approach. Each condition, whether musculoskeletal, neurological or other, has its own specific diagnostic and therapeutic features.

Effective physiotherapy treatment is based on a precise clinical assessment, followed by an intervention tailored to each pathology. Specialized care is essential to ensure optimal rehabilitation. It relies on ongoing training, regular updating of knowledge and close collaboration with other healthcare professionals.

At Centre Philae, we are transparent about our specializations. We are aware that choosing a therapist can be a complex task, given the diversity of pathologies. Our priority is to establish an informed decision-making process. We provide the information you need to select the therapist who best meets your specific needs.

General Physiotherapy

Whether it's a sports injury, chronic pain or a need for post-operative rehabilitation, our team is ready to accompany you on the road to recovery with treatments tailored to your needs. Find out how they work, their quality as a therapist and their additional training on their profile.

Physiotherapy during pregnancy

Pregnancy is a time of profound transformation for the body. Our gentle yet effective approach ensures that you enjoy every stage while minimizing typical discomforts.

Perineal Rehabilitation

Perineal health is essential in many ways, especially after childbirth or with advancing age. Our targeted exercises and professional guidance will help.

Vestibular Rehabilitation

Dizziness and balance problems can disrupt your daily life. Use our proven techniques to regain stability and confidence.

Our physiotherapists in Lausanne

Amélie Teil physiotherapist Lausanne

Amélie Teil

Physiotherapist based in Lausanne, I specialize in orthopedics, traumatology and rheumatology. I offer comprehensive care and aim for your autonomy. I treat all types of pathologies linked to accidents (fractures, sprains, etc.) or chronic illnesses (osteoarthritis, chronic pain, etc.). I also treat female perineal pathologies. By combining gentleness and dynamism, I'll be there to help you progress.

Amélie Teil physiotherapist Lausanne

Alexandre Dessert

I offer rehabilitation for general physiotherapy (accident or illness). Trained in Pilate and sports, I provide manual rehabilitation, physical work and advice on getting back into sports. Specialized in vestibular therapy, I hold a V.I.R.E. certificate. This is a comprehensive training program covering vertigo, instability, rehabilitation and teaching in this field.


Amélie Teil physiotherapist Lausanne

Solen Duclos

As a physiotherapist in Lausanne, I take care of people from babies to the elderly. I treat a wide range of pathologies, thanks to a number of complementary training courses.

Over the last few years, I've turned my attention to supporting women. 

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